About us

TopDiagram Oy was founded in early 2008 and has since aided banks and asset management firms to implement projects and new processes.


Project administration

Our Project Managers are all seasoned professionals. Leading a project requires knowledge of the financial business. Alas, all our Project Managers have a background as Business Analysts. We will adopt to your methods.


When designing new processes and functionality, it is important to know the various practices on the market. We are very familiar with the financial market, all the way from front-office to post-trade processes and authority reporting. We know the different needs and understand why and how business processes are built. We also provide expertise in modelling existing solutions and provide alternative layouts of action.


When designing software, both cost and schedule has to be considered. The result of our design is not only a technical blueprint but also an executive whitepaper with reliable bottom line figures. We believe incorporating project management into early design is essential for project success.
We provide development resources in several languages. Off-the-shelf knowledge includes:

- SQL design and programming
- .Net (VB and C#)


Quality control and even project monitoring is much about testing. The most powerful tool for smoothly taking a new system into production, or applying changes to an existing one, is a thorough test process. We design a complete testing cycle containing sufficient regression testing material and end-to-end test cases for all affected systems